lapscreen ousts laptop Did you realize?
Your smartphone 
is already a computer ...

... with the LAPSCREEN it becomes
not only a „COMPUTER TO GO”
but also a „COMPUTER TO STAY” LAPSCREEN - one product many uses photo of LAPSCREEN with smartphone and keyboard - to use like a LAPTOP LAPSCREEN + smartphone = LAPTOP
      Smartphones and their software powerful as laptops. Broaden all the functions of your smartphone with the LAPSCREEN and you won´t need your laptop. Never before were you able to have such flexibility in size and usability. Your data is safely in your smartphone which is carried easily and securely in your pocket. photo of LAPSCREEN as media player with a scene of the movie „Black cat, White cat” LAPSCREEN and media as media player.
      Also you can watch your movies and photos from
media through LAPSCREEN, without additional
devices or external power source. The Philosophie of LAPSCREEN is
      ecological - as less as possible material, functional - as much as possible functions, portable - as much as possible mobility, flexible - as much as possible combinations, safe - no data, no losses The owner of LAPSCREEN is Michél Haese LAPSCREEN owner Michél Haese mobile number +49 17 23 83 83 23 The email address is Germany pb 64011710047 Berlin Center